Can We Have an Oppo Photo Challenge?

Yesterday I saw a rare GMT800 truck. This Thursday there will be a Quadrasteer Duraburban in the shop for a leather repair. Last week I saw a rare variant of what was once a common Toyota Cressida. Today’s NCOCP reminded me of the magic stoplight I saw this spring. I’ve even driven a GMT900 Tahoe hybrid (from the parking lot into the shop to get some headrest DVDs installed)

In the comments thread from yesterday, I mentioned that

I’ve seen an “angry-eye” Silverado Hybrid in person, too. However, it was a GM demo vehicle when I was working at the On*Star call center so I don’t know that counts as “in the wild.” 


So, does anyone want to snap a photo of a real, genuine, 04-07 Silverado/Sierra Hybrid?

I’ll give...

The satisfaction of finding something rare and not terribly special.

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