I understand that we Americans have a knack for smashing ungraceful words together and deeming them a poem but I think that we can do better than frunk. I don’t care how long or how widely used it is! Frunk instantly undermines any authority the speaker may have even more than a doctor calls all patients, “Bro.”

Does anyone with a frunk feel comfortable saying that “term” out loud? In conversation? Around actual people?

Maybe this is just my branding alarm blowing up but my gut says there is a more mature sounding term that can be created in order to better match the products that tend to have a front storage compartment.

I would personally be happy with taking words such as valise (vah-lees) and frontage (pronounced like front + storage) for automotive area use. In the US, we rarely refer to an overnight bag as a valise and even though we do have frontage roads we don’t use the word frontage in general conversation as much now.


I think that valise would be easy to market in the US as the front storage compartment for front-engineless cars. I think that a journalist would earn beaucoup credibility points compared to discussing the frunk space of a 911. 

Frontage is a cool repurposing because of the...portmanteau! Im genuinely proud of that pun.