Look, I get it! Some of us (me included) really like him, TG the way we knew it for over a decade is now dead. Shocking! BUT! It just gets tiresome to scroll through this sea of "opinions" (opinions are like a-holes, everybody has one) and "I know who should replace him/know how to fix TG" posts to sift out the REAL content that people were putting out today.

Let's face the facts:

- We all know shit. Fake twatr accounts only bring false leads.

- We can't do shit about it. The bring back Clarkson campaign didn't work, and whoever wants to boycott the BBC has no idea as to how they are funded.

- We will probably have TWO NEW CAR RELATED TV SHOWS sooner or later. Clarkson won't stop. May won't stop. Hammond won't stop. TG was there before them and will be after them. In the end, something good might come out of this. A lot of people were complaining that TG had become a little stale lately.

So can we just move with our lives and act like reasonable people? A plane has crashed, there's a war at the EU's doorstep, Boko Haram and IS are stil out there, poverty and malnourishment are still the biggest killers of mankind, and we have to go apeshit over a rich guy probaly getting even richer with his next gig?