If not, don’t check this post. It might have a spoiler. Clear? Don’t blame me later if you do read it. By opening this post you waive any and all right to bitch at me.

So, how about that Rosberg “pass” on Verstappen, right?

I was watching on Sky Sports F1 and though I generally enjoy the commentators there since they are knowledgeable, I think they read this one wrong entirely.

I’m sorry Mr. Brundle, but if this is the kind of racing you want to see, you are leaning towards the “rubbing is racing” mentality in an open wheel motorsport.


Rosberg turned in waaaaaaay too late to leave any kind of room for Verstappen. There was no other option for Verstappen but to turn in as late as possible to remain within track limits, and he still got pushed off. That was a genuine Rosberg divebomb into the hairpin. Fair penalty in my opinion.

It’s kind of confusing how a racer like Raikkonen complains about Verstappen moving twice when the second move is turning in to the corner to avoid this kind of bullshit.

Opinions welcome!

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