Can We Talk About This Fiat Commercial For a Minute?

Okay, so I’m assuming many of you (seeing as there’s 11 million hits just from YouTube) have seen this commercial before:

If you haven’t, congratulations on living under a rock for nearly a year! This commercial has been running for 10 months and Fiat hasn’t let up on making sure it plays every commercial break. But you’re probably wondering why I want to talk about this commercial, right? Because this is the most truthful car commercial ever run in the history of car commercials. Confused? Let me explain.

Figure 1: The Old Couple


This is by far one of the most realistic depictions of people in a commercial. They didn’t choose supermodels or try to touch them up, they went the realistic route when it came to bringing up creepy old people sex

Figure 2: The Millennial

Fiat knows who will buy this car, Fiat knows who is driving modern Fiats in america. Fiat knows all.


Figure 3: Who Will Check It Out


Right here Fiat is being straight up with you, more straight up than any other car manufacturer will ever be. Yeah your brand spankin new, Viagra fueled Fiat 500XL will get you looks, but not from only the younger ladies (if that’s your thing).

Figure 4: Where It Will Be


Fiat doesn’t sugar coat where this car will spend most of it’s time, which is on the road. Granted this is an Italian Jeep Renegade with less off road capability, I’m sure it could make a great trail vehicle with the right work put in to it. But Fiat doesn’t want to shove those hopes and thoughts in your head, their straight up with you, this is an erect compact for the roads.

So yeah, there you have it. I broke down a very old commercial and explained why it’s actually the most truthful commercial ever to grace the airwaves (and internet pipes).

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