We live in a world where a midsize four door luxury car with only 11 horsepowers less than an Enzo sounds "completely reasonable." So reasonable, in fact, that this rumored car would be nearly 70 HP down on a rental car with an engine swap.

This is the same world where anyone who can follow the speed limit, stop at red lights, and parallel park well enough to pass a driving test can be given the keys to a 1000 horsepower race car and let loose on public roads.

We complain about safety and emissions standards as slowing down and fattening up our cherished performance cars. Yet at the same time we ignore the "nanny state's" complete acceptance of a rapidly growing selection of relatively affordable 200+ mph road cars. By the way 200 miles an hour is, oh, just 250% of the highest speed limit in the country.


All I'm saying is have a little perspective and appreciate what we've got while it's still here.

In fact, on this random Wednesday evening a couple weeks after thanksgiving, lets all join digital hands and be thankful for unrestricted top speeds, unlimited engine displacements, and completely unregulated dyno figures.