I find it amusing that my one Italian machine I own is the most mechanically frustrating, but emotionally satisfying.

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My love for the Sunchaser has a rational basis. It is a fun rare car, and as I deal with the inevitable issues of a 35 year old car, Toyota reliability remains rock solid. The Vespa is a 2001 Et4 150, a model of no interest to collectors. I love the thing for no real reason other than I just do.

So we have a new issue. Push button start is failing. It either does nothing when you push the button, or it coughs a little without starting. The problem is worse when it is cold.


It will start if I hold the button and push it forward. My guess is that the starter is shot.

This Et4 has a kick-start, but every Vespa resource I have looked at claims it is useless and will break if used.


Ideas Oppo?

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