She asked if I knew about cars, and then sent me this, which made me realize I don’t know THAT much about cars: Okay, so I have a 2014 Ford Escape. When I went to leave work I noticed that my ABS light, brake light, and stability control light were all on. Also, all of my info screens (mph, miles to E, etc,) were all wiped to 0. I thought that was weird. So when driving home, the airbag light came on, and the speedometer wouldn’t work, not even the needle on the dash. It wasnt logging miles, wouldnt show my speed, nothing. Then it felt like I lost power steering. I could still drive it, but it was difficult. Then, when stopped at a red light I feel a low vibration in the brake petal. I finally made it home safely, but am worried.

Any guesses? I’m sure it’s electrical, but that’s as far as I can figure out.