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Can you read me now? Well, yes. (Update)

So, I got my new 6P in the mail yesterday, and omg, it’s a glorious phone. It’s my first “phablet” sized device and...I don’t think I’m ever going back to small.

Unfortunately, my journey to this phone hasn’t been easy. I’ve been using a Droid Mini in the interim between the S7 being shipped away and receiving this 6P.


The largest problem with the Droid Mini was that the darned thing couldn’t receive text messages. It’ll send just so perfectly, and the phone did everything else without a single issue whatsoever...it just would not receive SMS text messages. Now, it was able to receive MMS picture messages, but never ever texts.

As a test, I put my SIM (Verizon) back into the S7 one more time before shipping it out, and it received texts no issues...put it back into the Droid Mini, aaaaand nothing. I wrote it off as an issue with the Droid.

Now, with the 6P, the issues continue. No texts received at all...this is a brand new phone, there shouldn’t be any firmware issues. I even upgraded to Android 7.0, cannot receive texts. It will receive a text maybe once every few hours after fiddling around with the SIM card, but for the most part, it does not receive texts at all, just like the Droid Mini.


So, what gives? Why would a brand new phone not receive texts, but do everything else perfectly as designed? While I know a lot about Android/iOS and such, I know little about cellular technologies (outside of ESN/IMEI/blacklisting etc)...is my SIM the culprit here? Does this SIM only work with the S7 or something?

Have a GT for your time. :)


So, I went to a Verizon store last night. They wouldn’t give me a new SIM unless I had the Galaxy on me (well, let me tell you about that...), so they just blocked/unblocked my texting.


This allowed my phone to work with texting for like, 1 hour...then it borked again.

This morning, I called VZW tech support directly, and the guy on the phone noticed that the Galaxy was refused to let go of the account like Rose refused to let go of Jack. Somehow that was robbing my ability to receive texts.


Well then, he decided to simply nuke my SIM/phone off the network entirely. After which, I rebooted my phone and the SIM card registered the 6P on Verizon’s network. I’m not holding my breath, but 6 hours so far, texting still works.

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