I’ve had such an amazing time. What a spectacular country full of the nicest people and places. Here’s a tiny selection of photos that were on my phone because Kinda mobile is the worst thing in the world and should be taken out back and shot. There’s a reason why this post took 30 mins to write and most of the text is in the picture captions...

Did the tourist-y thing and went to the top of the CN Tower and d lunch in the 360 revolving restaurant. Weather cleared up as we ate so my sister could point out everything in Toronto. Afterwards we went to the aquarium below.
My sister got us tickets to actually march in Toronto Pride. Amazing way and place to see so many people celebrating love and the freedom to be who they were.
Drove to Montreal and stayed for a few days. Gorgeous, gorgeous city with fantastic food and adorable architecture. Most authentic way to experience a slice of Europe without leaving NA.
Also spent a few days at a cottage south of Kingston, which we visited after. Cooked our own food on the BBQ and had spectacular sunset views over the lake. Great opportunity to disconnect from social media.
Aforementioned sunset.

Also, one my sister’s friend’s cat. Because pretty Full picture upload from camera should be in a week - still here for a few more days!.

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