Parkade. (Parking Garage and Car Park are used relatively often too, but Parkade is unique to Canada, and weirdly, South Africa as well. We coined the term however.)

Gas Bar. (Usually mainly refers to smaller filling stations, bigger filling stations are usually referred to as gas stations, or service stations, the latter of which is used especially when there’s a mechanic’s shop attached)

Toque. (This one’s pretty famous, because of course.)


Allure (We didn’t call the first gen LaCrosse the LaCrosse in Canada, because LaCrosse is a French Canadian slang for masturbation. Fun Facts with For Canada! Rather ironically, Lacrosse happens to be our national summer sport. I bet the Quebecois make a lot of jokes whenever that anecdote comes about.)


And no, I’ve never met anybody that calls a hoodie a “bunny hug”. I’m pretty sure that’s just something Buzzfeed made up. Although, I’ve never been to Saskatchewan, maybe it’s a whole different world there.