Canadian Craigslist Find: 1986 Thunderbird Bill Elliott Edition

If anyone is familiar with the Canadian version of Craiglist, its the eBay owned Kijiji. Just like Craigslist it can be a weird and wonderful world of strange cars, people who think their stuff is worth way more than it really is, and people who also think they are the worlds best negotiators. But sometimes some really cool stuff pops up on there like this.

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A 1986 Thunderbird Bill Elliott Edition. These were done by Bill’s Ford dealer in Georgia, not to be confused with the 1987 factory built Bill Elliott edition, of which there were only 90 examples produced. The seller boasts that this car came from Awesome Bill’s hometown, and that it comes with a second car for parts or restoration. A BOGO deal here folks. It also features some really nice 80's pin striping and a sweet red on white look to replicate the stock car from the time. The seller is asking $7000.00 CDN which is a bit steep, but given the rarity coupled with the fact that its not from the rust belt, and that it includes a second car, one can understand the higher asking price. Check it out in the link below!


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