No, Americans, I haven’t forgotten you, I’m just uploading this because I make the Canadian ones one at a time, as opposed to five at a time for the USA ones. Anyway, next US ones are the same as last post, and the next Canadian one is Alberta! ALSO - UPDATES ON PRODUCTION - I should hear back from the printing company tomorrow. Hopefully the price shouldn’t be too high, but if it is, I apologize. However, it should be worth it because they will be very high quality (300 dpi, printed onto .040 ga. aluminum). Since I’m gonna need your money before I make them, I’ll need to make them purchaseable through the internet, and to do that, I need some help from you guys. Do any of y’all know a good website to set up a shop with? I will require a custom text entry field, just so you know. If you do, just post a comment. Thanks for the support and I hope you enjoy these!