#13: Ontario

Most cars I see with this plate are either not using their turn signal, or taking up 3 parking spaces, so this ranking is mostly out of spite. Fuck you Ontario.

#12: Newfoundland and Labrador


#11: Alberta


It’s red. The province’s name is written in a dated font on top. Moving on!

#10: Saskatchewan


Wheat. Almost as boring as the province! almost

#9: Quebec


You know, making this list, I realized that Canada has some really fucking boring plates. This one’s no exception. It has French on it, which should count for something. Because cheese and berets make everything more interesting.

#8: PEI


Who let the 5 year old use Photoshop to make the plates again? Was it you Jim? Fuck you Jim.

#7: Manitoba


I’ve met Manitobans, and they’re friendly. But I’m thinking that’s some sort of coverup for some mass-murdering going on in Manitoba. I’m onto you fucks!

#6: British Columbia


I don’t know why I like this more than other Western Canadian plates. Perhaps it’s just good memories from roadtrips in BC? Perhaps it is. It’s still boring as hell though.

#5: New Brunswick


Hey guys! We’re bilingual! And we put our confusing as fuck slogan in two languages on our plate! Isn’t that cool?!

#4: Nova Scotia



#3: Yukon


The gold panning guy almost looks like he’s picking up a small dog if you squint. Instantly bumps this up at least like 5 spots. Dogs are great.

#2: Nunavut


A stark reminder that if you go to Nunavut, you’ll probably be murdered by a polar bear, so you should hide under an inukshuk if you have to.

#1: Northwest Territories


This plate is a fucking polar bear.