I know this post will probably get buried under negative comments because
of illegal and dangerous activities, but I'll still share it because it's made out of
pure awesome.

As stated by the video poster, the reason that red shirt man was trying to stop the
driver was because:

Canadian television PSA's in the late 90's have convinced the general population (mostly old people and foreigners) that anyone under the age of 25 is a rapist, murderer, or drug dealer.

You can basically be walking to the 7Eleven for a Slurpee and older people will cross to the other side of the street in fear of you.

So when you're hauling ass through a public walkway and throwing the rear end out on command, in their eyes, you're on par with a bank robber.

I dislike bystanders being in needless danger when they are not part of the activity
directly, and there are some merit to some traffic laws (excluding absolute speed
laws on interstates). But as I have previously stated, this video is pure awesome-ness
and you all know you want to do it at one point or another, so don't lie.

I think most of us here can be adult enough to have better judgement and not
randomly drive recklessly through a park.

So enjoy this video responsibly; while sitting down or otherwise stationary, and not
operating machinery, driving, skating, biking, or running. < /obligatory disclaimer >