Well Oppo today a Canadian Senator (Romeo Daillaire, Liberal) fell asleep on his way to work. However he didnt fall asleep just anywhere, he fell asleep while driving on Parliament Hill. It's probably good it's winter here, if it was summer there woulda been a lot more tourists about.

Here is what the Senator had to say

"On my way to work this morning, I fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into the barrier near the East Block with my car. I am very thankful that nobody was injured or worse by my not being more attentive to the level of fatigue that I have been experiencing," Dallaire told the Senate.


"I'm OK, because I was completely asleep and in so doing didn't see anything coming, so when the airbags blew open, I was sort of like a rag doll, so I have no injuries, no whiplash or anything. The gravest element of that was my fear that I had hit somebody, because the Hill is always full of people."


Now for this part that follows, this is what the CBC wrote: (not me, the cbc).

"Liberal Senator Roméo Dallaire told Senate colleagues Tuesday afternoon that the car crash he had on Parliament Hill earlier in the day was caused by a lack of sleep due to reliving the events he saw as a general during the Rwandan genocide and the apparent suicide of three Afghan war veterans last week."


I feel a need to post a disclaimer in this following part: I know zero, zilch, nada, nothing, about what it's like to have PTSD. I feel bad for all people whom have PTSD. I don't know if what the senator says (he can't sleep because of PTSD) is true or false.

I claim no such knowledge of things.

What I do know, is if you haven't been sleeping at all, no matter the reason, driving is not the best choice. Clearly, a better choice could have been made.