The usually entertaining Globe and Mail automotive writer Peter Cheney (my favorite piece was the one about his son driving a loaner 911 through the garage door) wrote a remarkably stupid piece about car naming conventions today.

There are stupid car name conventions, to be sure. I've never liked Infiniti's, for example. But here's what ground my gears: "Alphanumeric car names are part of a global movement toward standardization. The rationale isn't hard to understand: alphanumeric names are orderly and digital – they look at home in a spreadsheet... The first alphanumeric name I recall is the 240Z, a 1970s sports car made by Datsun (the company now known as Nissan). The story behind the 240Z tells us a lot about why alphanumeric names have come to dominate the industry..."


I don't think I need to tell this audience that alphanumerics go so far back and can be every bit as evocative as a "Comet" or "Cougar", which Cheney notes approvingly.

I'll just leave this here.

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