My dream of setting a new personal best driving time from NYC to LA has been deflated... just like my right rear tire...

Like last year, once again I set out with my copilot, intent on crossing this vast country in the spirit of the original Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash, starting at the Red Ball Garage in NYC:

Since last year, I’ve done quite a bit of study and research on different aspects of our strategy, trying to decrease the amount of time that it has taken myself and my copilot to drive across the USA. We had set a new goal for ourselves, and thought that we had a realistic chance of achieving that goal.

As it turned out, we made good progress toward that goal, until something poked a hole in the right rear tire about halfway across the US.

We knew we hit something - it made a bit of a racket - and the TPMS warning came on within a few seconds. By the time the car was on the shoulder, the tire only had 18 psi in it. I jumped out just in time to watch the wheel sink to the pavement.


To answer the normal questions:

1) No, the car does not have a spare. It does not come with one.

2) We don’t have room for a full size spare & jack in the car anyway.

3) Run flat tires aren’t a great option, either... they might save you a towing bill, but some aren’t supposed to be repaired, and others can only be repaired if the tire maintains a minimum pressure. This puncture deflated the tire completely.


The tow truck arrived surprisingly fast. He took us to a tire repair shop that did after-hours repairs. The tire was repairable, and the tire guy did a great job on it.

But, the hour and a half delay was a fatal blow to the run - I don’t think it was possible to make that much time up and meet our goal. We opted to discontinue to the run, and instead we visited a couple of sites of interest out west before returning home.

Will we try again? That remains to be seen...