Our father PG just wrote out another great example of why you need to drive everything. I don’t care what reviewers say, what the internet says, or what your buddies say, you need to drive everything! It may not be the best vehicle in its class but if it is in tune with the way you drive then you’ll have a great time harmonizing with it.

The real trick is finding a car that is in a relative key to yours. Maybe you’re a D Minor driver and you find yourself a nice old C Major Camaro. Sure you’ll get along just great other than a few exceptions but eventually you’re going to want to get wild and raise that leading tone, then you’re stuck with a car that you’ve outgrown! Hey, just step up from that C Major Camaro to a D Minor Corvette and all of sudden you can go everywhere you wanted to, maybe get a little frisky with that voice leading!

Sometimes you’re in an unconventional key and need to find something equally weird to work with you. Maybe you’re extremely boring and it takes a completely different tune in order for you to drive in a way that would make Miles Davis blush.

Personally, I like to think that after you dads up every aspect of a vehicle they transform into a composer’s work. The Aventador SV has all kinds of Shostakovich Symphony 11, mvt. 2, part 2 but maybe you personally faun over Debussy.


And simply because I can, have this little clip from The Last Dragon. Faith Prince - “Test Drive.”