This week has been a shitshow. I’ve had several trades at my house throughout the week. Many things have gone poorly. But to top it off, drywall guy scraped the side of my dad’s MDX with his trailer.

No reason why he was that close to the car. Literally parked in the street, while my dad was fully on the shoulders. The guy was all, “Oh, that’ll buff out. I can find that trim online, too.” I’m like yeah, no. So I took all the photos and we got his card.

It sucks because I’m in the labor industry, in a way. And I was a laborer for years before. I think laborers are underrated and often unappreciated for what they do and make...


But MAN, good help is so fucking hard to find. Between my first contractor (who was “non-retained” by me), my plumber who fucked up royally, the garage door guy that was a dick to my wife, and now this guy who can’t park.... I’m like, 3-for-7 so far as a homeowner.