[Update: 4:38 PST] Well that was easy. Fuel accumulator took an hour total and I have no leaks. Old one looks like it was the original as that sure is the factory undercoating.

Battery is looking... bad... and barely started the car. Ugh. I don’t even know what causes corrosion on the cross bar!?  (Yes I know my setup is a mess...)


[Original Post from 1:49PM]

Weather is nice today so I have two options (in my mind):

  1. Replace the fuel accumulator in the Saab
  2. Practice buffing on the Disco in preparation for doing the Jag

The Saab was the original plan as the fuel accumulator is, in theory, all that is keeping the Saab off the road me from figuring out what else in wrong with the Saab. In theory the job shouldn’t be a bad one either, two flare nuts and a hose clamp, but I have to clean the are around the Saab and jack it up OR move the Saab, Disco, and Alfa so I can put the Saab on the ramps. I don’t have the executive function available to do either, so I’m a bit stuck.

The Disco is a little more straightforward, but I’d need to give it a bath before I started and I really super-duper don’t feel like getting wet. I did, however, buy a new buffer/ polisher thing and I want to test it out before my return window passes. Also NEW TOYS AND SHINY CARS.


Maybe I’ll just play video games and write off this whole car thing as a passing fad.



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