Can't Leave Well Enough Alone: Battery Question

I love tinkering with my FJ40 and I’m always doing little projects or replacing/ cleaning/ upgrading. But one thing I never paid too close attention to was the battery. Why? Well, it never gave me a reason to. It starts up every time, cranks strong, runs the lights and the radio for a while even while the engines off etc. Well poking around under the hood the other day I noticed the production date on the battery. Its 12 years old!

Now it has me thinking, do I replace a fully functional battery as a precaution? I have a jump pack but I usually leave it in the 911 because the 40 has no real storage. I don’t mind spending a few bills on a new battery but I don’t want to if there’s no reason to. What say you OPPO?


Pic of the ongoing knuckle and brake job for your time:

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