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Can't reply anywhere...need some help

For those of you on IE (which is most of you at an office or in large colleges, etc), have you noticed a lack of ability to post in the past few days? It’s gotten really bad for me lately, in addition to the inability to edit, make paragraphs, post pics, etc, which have been plaguing Kinja for a long time. I know we used to have a tech support email that could help, but I can’t seem to find a link anywhere. All I know is my options have gotten more and more limited over the past couple years, and now its at the point of insane frustration as I write up a post, only to find out that it can’t be submitted. TIA for any tips. PS - I miss having Chrome at my old job. (EDIT for CalzoneGolem since I can't reply: IE 11.0.96)


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