Posted a couple weeks ago that I payed $60 for FH3 just to have it not even allow me to install it on my old ass desktop computer. My laptop may work, but it currently doesnt have windows 10, so Im working on that. In the meantime I had reinstalled Test Drive Unlimited 2, which I had bought years ago but quickly dismissed as a shitty remake of the amazing Test Drive Unlimited original.

When I wrote that article, i had no clue that the newish game “The Crew” is an open world racing game much like I love, and was developed by the same guys as the original TDU.

Well needless to say i scooped it up. Bought a serial key for it for $5 (its a $30 game), and am now hip to allkeyshop, which basically has any game ever for heavy discounts as long as its a game that can be activated by key.


The game is mostly amazing, and is only really held back by random technical errors, and maybe lack of cars, although the 60 or so they chose are all very very cool.

It is a huge open world with what is basically a scaled down version of the united states with all the cities squished closer. It has a lot of variety and is really pretty, although clearly not FH3 pretty.


You can offroad supercars with rally suspension, drive an SRT10 Ram in a street race, drag race the salt flats, and a lot of other cool stuff. I have a force feedback driving wheel so I just cruiser around for hours and pretend I actually have the money for any of these cars.

The best part is that The Crew 2 is already announced, and the development team has been very active in the first release and know they have to step it up to compete with FH3.

If you have $5, especially if you have a steering wheel, pick this game up, its been a blast.