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I can’t sleep, so I’m building my buddy’s Volvo hotrod motor in my head. Yes, you heard that right, Volvo hot rod. No, its not the one above, but thats an inspiration.


We currently have a 2.3L I5 turbo block and head. Plan is to use a bellhousing and modified oil pan and pickup out of a 960 for RWD install, along with an adapter to a Tremec T5 out of a Mustang.

The exhaust side will be a custom 5 into 1, long tube, equal length header with a merge collector. Intake is going to be an Eaton blower (M62 or M90, need to run numbers) installed upside down and blowing into an ME7 intake manifold off a later S60. It will be draw thru carbs, probably a pair of SUs or similar mounted to the blower. It still uses a dizzy so spark is taken care of.


At some point I’m going to polish the head and we’re going to install a set of NA cams with adjustable timing gears. Goal is low 300s RWHP.

Since I can’t sleep I might as well go start blower calcs.

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