James Robertson is a 56 year-old Detroiter who works in Rochester Hills, MI. There is a distance of 23 miles between his work and his home. He has no car - his Honda Accord died - so he takes the bus part of the way and walks the rest. "The rest" being 10 1/2 miles each way. This man walks 21 miles each day to get to his job.

Sometimes, people give him rides but most of the time it's just him, hoofing it to and from the bus stops (southeast Michigan has spotty mass transit). His days are long but he has a stellar attendance record because he does this every single work day.


I'm not an internets techster so I know nothing of your crowdmoney kickfunders and so on but how hard could it possibly be for us to raise a few bucks and get this guy a car? He's a true American Hero and Heroes should have cars.

UPDATE: A gofundme site has been set up for James. Donate here if you are inclined to help. I suggest putting "Jalopnik" in the subject line, as I just did. http://www.gofundme.com/l7girc

UPDATE II: Yes, getting James a "car" contemplates the cost of insurance and maintenance. Due to the generous donations received so far, it looks like he will be able to budget for those things too. (There is no need to post questions - or send angry emails - asking, "Hasn't anyone thought about the insurance?!")