Like to Amazon, next time I need to change an oil filter on one of your crappy Corollas. Seriously, what an annoying design.

My brother drove up to SF from LA this weekend. He needed an oil change so my father drove with him to an oil change place. They went $50+ to do a simple non-synthetic change. They left, bought oil and a filter at an autoparts store and came back to my house where I have (what I thought) was all the tools needed: a set of sockets and a universal filter wrench.

But no, Toyota has this strange 2 piece filter thing (a cap and a filter) where the cap was designed by someone with no brain. After trying my universal wrench (and failing), I ended up saying “fuck it” and gently tapped at it what little plastic protrusions there were with a blunted chisel and a hammer until it could be turned by hand. Needless to say, it went back on hand-tightened not “force of a black hole” tight like the last oil changer had put it.


Why does Toyota, or anyone for that matter, make such a horrific filter? Why can’t we just agree to always to put a 20mm socket on the end and be done with it? Toyota might say “ah, but our filter only costs $6 and the BMW fancy metal one costs $30!” but you know what? No one cares. Most people drive their car into an [inserty lube] and just pay the whatever oil+filter is for an oil change. No one gives a flying nickel.