In which I remove the seats from my wife’s car in order to do some deep cleaning and rid the car of the awful smell of rancid milk.

The calm before the storm.
Front before. Nasty.
Rear before. Grotty.
I love wrenching I can do while sitting.
That’ll be the source of the smell.


Front during.
Rear during.
Seats out for Kia.


With the seats out I wiped all the interior plastics and metal down with a bleach solution and scrubbed the hell out of the metal under the rear seat. It also got a liberal application of Lysol.

I shop vac’d the interior and spread some baking soda all over the carpets and vac’d that up later. After that I used a carpet cleaner to clean the tops of the seats and the carpet in the car.

For the bottom of the rear seat I used much bleach and a stiff brush to kill and remove all the mold and the seats spent many hours in the sun drying.


The floor mats were given a bath and a scrub but were not ready to reinstalled because they were still kinda wet and one was stinky. I’m hoping a day of sun will fix this.

Before and after re-assembly the car got a liberal application of Febreeze and I made sure to get the headliner in case it decided to absorb that smell.

Front after. Much better.


Rear after. Not perfect but so much better.

Not picture: the lack of smell.