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Cantina and Cars // November 3rd 2018

In the quest for another car show I learned that there was a show called Cantina and Cars (I know, original) that started right after Cars and Coffee on the same day. Initially I wasn’t going to go, but because Cars and Coffee Dallas calls it quits after December I changed my mind.

Normally I couldn’t even go if I wanted to by the way. I ended up purchasing two more batteries for my a6000 camera this week. I pretty much had 1,5 charged batteries left, with one of them being the original Sony one which lasts the longest out of all of them.


So, I drove a few miles and ended up shooting the cars I couldn’t shoot at Cars and Coffee. Exotics for days with a highlight on the Chiron that was there. It didn’t make the thumbnail though, but that is only because that F12 sounded glorious in the take-off section.

Unfortunately there was a lot of wind that day. I hope I can make it out there again next month with less wind. I have a feeling more people will be showing up there next time! Let me know what you thought of this shorter car show vid!

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