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Cantina and Huayra // December 1st 2018

I ended up going to Cantina and Cars about an hour late because of Cars and Coffee. I was greeted by the Pagani Huayra in the main lot, but the crowd that was around it destroyed any notion of plopping down my slider rig and getting an uninterrupted shot.

A little further I saw a Veyron rolling towards me. The owner was so kind to stay stationary for a while so I could get some shots of it. I later learned that it was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s old car. Pretty much the closest I would ever get to actually seeing the man I suppose. Been a big fan and shaking his hand is still on the wish-list but I digress.


The Veyron rolled off and I noticed there was movement around the Huayra. They ended up being lined up for a shot, and I at least got that pan in because people stayed back. Then the cone was taken away. I swooped in and got the only Slider shot I got close to the car. There are so many things I wanted to have slider shots of, the exhaust being a biggie. Guess I should consider myself lucky. Just a fraction of a second after the slider shot in the video someone walked right through the shot and the Huayra was gone.

There are a few reasons why I don’t shoot as many supercars and hypercars at shows. Crowds is the major one. But don’t for a second think I don’t want to shoot them. I trained myself to ignore them and not care about them. But when there is a chance at a proper shot I will take it because I know people enjoy looking at them.


One thing I found funny about that line up. You have a Veyron, a Huayra and then an Aventador. That Aventador somehow looked completely out of place... Too bad that Senna wasn’t there. That would have made the trifecta. Even though I think the Senna is one ugly duckling.

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