A Saturn rocket blasts off from Cape Kennedy, the birthplace of the American space program. After 1973, the facility became known as Cape Canaveral.

Back in 1964, The New York Times magazine reported:

“It is difficult for a visitor to Cape Kennedy to grasp the immensity and technical sophistication of the work going into Apollo. He is told of plans to assemble rockets in the world’s largest building, now going up in an improbable setting of sand, water and scrub growth; of preparations to move the rockets, erect, two-thirds as tall as the Washington Monument, along a causeway three and a half miles long to the pads; of the vision, beyond Apollo itself, of this place as ‘Spaceport, U.S.A.,’ a permanent facility for traffic in ships of space — a role for Cape Kennedy roughly comparable to that of Kennedy International Airport in another kind of travel.”

Photo via The New York Times