Question guys.

In the bottom right hand corner you see a very strange coolant reservoir/overflow tank that is also a combined unit for windshield washer fluid (very odd combo if you ask me).


Before I go rallying I need to find a way to better secure this lid or replace with some other solution for these two fluids. I’d rather not zip tie the damn thing down....but worse things have been done to make sure a race day isn’t missed lol.

Anyone have ideas? I posted this to the four-eyed pride forum as well so I’ll see who can come up with something. Also, if it’s an aftermarket solution - a $200 aluminum tank isn’t going to cut it. That’s not in the budget.

FOR THE RECORD: Everything you see under the hood is how it was when I bought it. I didn’t add that blue crap to the wires or the cheesy flame engraved chrome valve covers. If you every saw a pic under the hood of the Montego you know I’m not into chrome and excess. I’d rather it all be blacked out under the hood. I also didn’t add the cylinder numbers for the wires haha.

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