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Captain Planet! Fleet Update

It occurred to me the other day that my most fuel-efficient city car gets 17 mpg.

Not great. Granted it does get about 26 highway which, while still not great, is a damn sight better than the 19 or 13 I get with my other cars.


So, fleet update time in order from least to most terrible to the earth.

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2006 Hyundai Azera.

3.8 liter V6. All Alloy, DOHC, VVT

263 HP @ 6000 rpm

257 lbs-ft @4600 rpm


~3600 lbs

13.7 lbs/hp

5 speed auto - FWD open front diff with TC

17 city/26 highway - This is the smallest engine, most fuel-efficient vehicle in my fleet...which is sad.


Pros: better on gas...sorta. Really good sounding stereo. Comfy. Not slow (not fast, but not slow)

Cons: kinda crummy suspension. funky faults and failures.

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2008 Lexus GX470

4.7 liter V8. Iron block, alloy heads. DOHC Dual VVT

268 hp @ 4800 rpm

328 lbs-ft @ 3400 rpm (subtract 6hp and 18 lbs-ft for regular fuel not premium)

57 hp/liter

~4900 lbs

18.3 lbs/hp

5 speed auto - Full time 4wd with Torsen center with locking and low range. open front and rear diffs with TC


15 city/19 highway

Pros: pulls like a train, rides great, pulls trailers like they aren’t there. Stereo is quite good. Very versatile.


Cons: crappy city mileage, not very refined from the transfer case back (driveline shunt and so on)

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1997 Land Cruiser

4.5 Liter I6. Iron block alloy head. DOHC.

212 hp @ 4600 (pfft, right.)

275 lbs-ft @ 3200

47 hp/liter

~5400 lbs (as is)

25.5 lbs/hp

4 speed auto - Full time 4wd with viscous over open center differential with locking and low range. Front and rear e-locking diffs.


13 city/13 highway (once I got 17!)

Pros: Is a tank. Kills it off-road. Refuses to die. Extremely charismatic.

Cons: Most everything else. Ride is stiff to punishing (stupid overdamped ICON shocks!). Stereo sucks. It’s old. Crappy mileage everywhere. Loud. Hot.



13 liters and 20 cylinders

743 hp

860 lbs-ft

13,900 lbs

19.2 lbs/hp

15 mpg city/19 Highway

4.5 speeds

Minimum number of driven wheels 4 (1+1.5+1.5)

Maximum number of driven wheels 7 (1+2+4)

Over-all, pretty poor.

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