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Captain Tucker's Mustang and His Handley Page Dart Herald

Capt. Tucker and his mechanical machines
Photo: Ford of Europe

Captain Stanley Tucker, a pilot for Eastern Provincial Airways, talked his way into buying a new Mustang from George Parsons Ford in St. John’s, Newfoundland on April 16, 1964 - in advance of the official launch. He drove it for two years before Ford offered him a trip to Dearborn, and the millionth Mustang optioned exactly how he wanted it. The first Mustang now sits in the Henry Ford Museum proudly wearing its Newfoundland and Labrador license plates. The millionth Mustang was driven as a daily well into the 1970s, and eventually sold to Captain Tucker’s mechanic. Given Newfoundland’s harsh weather, salt air, and salted roads, it is assumed the millionth car was junked.

Capt. Tucker and the first Mustang at Signal Hill, site of the first transatlantic radio transmission by Marconi in 1901
Photo: Ford Motor Company

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