Seriously, anything with touched up looking tracking shots and a booming voiceover makes me want the car less. Until I see uncut GoPro video of a vehicle being hooned, I'm very skeptical that it's not just a model straight outta solidworks. But this GT4 launch trailer... It literally gives me chills.

I've watched it every day since they launched the car. I think it really captures something about the automotive obsession we all share in this weird little world of ours. How the smell of burning rubber gets right into your bones. How the place a car was developed gets right into it's bones. How, in the hands of just the right set of engineers, a bunch of steel and aluminum and carbon fiber can somehow take on a soul of it's own.

Oh, and how the rest of the world is entirely confused and a little frightened by it all.

If only the damn voiceover dude and the stupid fucking "rebels, race on" bullshit didn't have to ruin the ending. Goddamn fucking german Mad Men motherfuckers. Seriously, why are you so american, and so trailer-for-transformers-4, voiceover guy? Get it together, this is a real thing. The lens flares might be fake, but JJ Abrams didn't design that aero. That's as much downforce as a GT3, right there. FUCK, man, someone call get the VAG overlords on the phone and tell them to get their german-engineered carbon fiber poop in a fucking group.


Some GT4 details from EVO for your time