The automotive magazine Car and Driver recently released a list of the 10 Ugliest Cars For Sale Today and although I agree with some of their choices, I think many are wrong.

I will list all the cars in their list in their order and give my opinion.

10: Subaru Legacy/Outback

I have to disagree here. They may not be as attractive as an Audi A7, but I can name a lot of cars that look much worse. Plus, the Outback is a wagon. There is only so much you can do with it. I mean, look at old Volvo wagons, they are a box on wheels.


9: Fiat 500L

I really cannot disagree with anything but its place on the list. It is quite ugly.


8: Honda Pilot

Honestly, other than the big grille, it isn't a bad looking SUV. I like the big, boxy, masculine look of it.


7: Chrysler 200

It's bland. It's boring. But ugly? I don't think so.


6: Nissan Versa (sedan)

It's a cheap car that is aimed at the younger crowd. It wasn't made to look aggressive. It is kind of cute, like a clown car. I can see how it isn't the best looking car for sale today, but I do not think it deserves the number 6 spot.


5: MINI Paceman

I don't really find any MINI unattractive. They have an iconic image that is so recognizable, any person can recognize what it is. In the picture above, I think it is quite good looking.


4: Lincoln MKT

It's basically a hearse. I find it ironic that many people near death buy these things. The rear is so ugly, I don't want to post it on here since it'll burn your eyes. This needs to be on this list.


3: Infiniti QX80

Similar to what I said about the Honda Pilot, it has a cool boxy aggressive look. The only bad thing on it is the cheesy side air ports. It doesn't belong here.


2: Toyota 4Runner

Generally, I am not a fan of Toyota. I forgot they made this thing because I have NEVER seen one. As a matter of fact, my local Toyota dealer does not have 1 on the lot. I don't think it is a bad looking truck. It looks angry. It kind of grows on me. How does the 500L not get this spot?


1: BMW 5 Series GT

Who would've thought that a BMW would ever be called ugly? But this one is. It is too lifted to be a sedan but too impractical to be a SUV/CUV/wagon. It doesn't work. Number 1? I don't think so. List worthy? Yes.


What cars should have been added to the list?

Nissan Juke

Something about the front fascia just doesn't work for me.

Jeep Cherokee

See what I said about the Nissan Juke. Of all the cars to follow for design ideas, you chose the Juke?


Honda Accord Crosstour

The grille is too big. It is too low to be a good wagon but has too small of a cargo area to be practical.


Scion XA

This car is as bland as they make them. No creases. No shapes. Just beige.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

The grille is just too big to be attractive. Looks like a whale shark (bit not in the cool way).


Kia Rio (sedan)

The headlights are too narrow. The grille is too small. It makes the front look strange. Then, the body has so many strange lines. It is too busy.


Nissan Quest

Oh Nissan. You make great things like the GT-R and 240SX. And then you decided to have some fun and make the Juke. Then you made this. A ugly box on wheels. This laughs at aerodynamics.


Nissan Cube

I'm sorry Nissan. I don't want to bully you, but you leave me no choice. What is this thing? Why did it leave Japan?


Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet (Thanks J. Walter Weatherman)

I am really feeling bad for you now Nissan. Is there any way I can help? Maybe I could design a car for you that doesn't belong outside of gear heads nightmares. Just a thought. I mean, what is the point of the small plastic see through bit above the rear window? Why such a small rear window? Why? Just why?


Any cars I forgot? Disagree with me? Let me know!

All pictures on the original Top 10 list from Car and Driver.