Hi Everyone, let me know if I’m spamming Oppo, but I figure, it’s Friday and car stuff is fun! So whatever!

Thanks for your input earlier, good feedback on the question I proposed.

After perusing my local Craigslist, I found two candidates that were a) cheap enough and b) cool enough.

Help me choose which to clean up and resell. Any ideas on what to do with them are welcome.

Item 1) 1950's Chrysler Hood Ornament, pretty cool. $30 bucks, so the cheapest item, and probably easiest to flip.


Option 2: Mid 1960's Mustang valve covers. They say “Powered by Ford” and are blue! Also have a nice patina that I could keep by tidying and clearcoating, or just sandblast and repaint. These are about $50.00 so about as much as I’m willing to gamble on this venture.