I was gonna have a big capacitor but it caught fire because old and likely knockoff. The Memphis is driven by the JL amp, and the Sony drives my interior speakers (stock door speakers on a HPF, Kicker CS series 6x9s getting the full range). Positive power cable sneaks under the rear seat to the battery, and that’s the only wire that I had to run anywhere. The whole shebang is powered by that little dealio next to the JL. That’s a cupholder 12v outlet splitter wired to the Remote power and ground that turns on a MPOW bluetooth dongle connected to a 3.5mm -> RCA adaptor. I turn on my car and the remote wire energizes, turning on both amps and the MPOW which seeks out and connects to my phone. All I ever do is play music off my phone wirelessly on my Pioneer, and I have all sorts of equalization options available on Android so it’s really all I need.

Oh, and it sounds rather good. I never did any balancing with the Sony as far as forward/back fade goes, but it nails it. The high pass filter keeps my door speakers from ever bottoming out, the Sony has nowhere near enough power to overpower the Kickers in the rear deck, and the JL is able to beat that Memphis in my shitty sealed box to within an inch of its life. It won’t win competitions, but it goes loud enough to easily give me a headache and sounds fantastic at moderate volume. Should be perfect for my commute.

My next step is to buy some MDF and make a custom-sized ported enclosure (going to try this out. My sealed enclosure is peaky as hell probably because I can’t into carpentry) for the MTX that will also hold the amps and such in a but more aesthetically pleasing manner. Right now they’re just wood-screwed to the spare tire cover board thing.