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Car audio help (please)

Introducing Kinja’s latest feature...random rotate. Upon posting the picture fixed itself. Enjoy the kitty.

Good morning oppo! I hope everyone’s morning is going well, and if not, well the rest of the day is still ahead! Old picture of my parent’s cat Louie for your time.

So, as many may guess from my obnoxious screen name, I drive a 2015 WRX. And, as it is a WRX, the stock door and dash speakers suuuuuuuck. I am looking to replace just the door speakers for now, but I know nothing about car audio or what brands are good to buy. I plan on buying from crutchfield and installing myself with their equipment. I want to do this right so if that means spending more money I’m up for it.


For instance, there is a $25 dollar price difference between this kenwood set and this kicker set. But is the kicker really $25 better? Or are there other options I should be looking at? What should I be looking for in the features/specs to know I’m getting a good set? Thanks in advance. I know you guys will set me straight.

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