Looking for recommendations for a good head unit and good speakers for the Crown Vic. The factory speakers and head unit all work just fine. But being a โ€˜97, I have to use a tape deck aux input to play anything from my phone, and I want a little more bass out of the speakers.

For the head unit, I want something that has usb and bluetooth. I remember reading a while back where someone posted a cheap, Android-based bluetooth head unit from Amazon. Does anyone happen to remember what unit that was or have a link to it?

And as far as speakers go, the fronts are 6x8, and the rears are 6x9. I liked the Alpines I put in my Eclipse back in high school. But that was ages ago. Are Alpines still the best bang for your buck? Or is there something new I should be looking into?

Boschert B300 for your time.