The Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (RAC) has revealed the world's first "Attention Powered Car". This car features a 'neuro headset' that connects brain activity to the car’s engine. So if you see a hottie walking down the street, the car slams to a halt? That wouldn't be awkward.

Well, maybe not slams to a halt. But still. Apparently this tragedy in automotive innovation is to raise awareness about the impact of inattention. I remain skeptical. This clearly has "bad idea" written all over it. Not like driving a modified Hyundai i40 was ever brilliant in the first place.


Basically, you wear this ungainly device and the car detects brain activity in the frontal, temple, parietal and perceptual areas. How am I supposed to wear Google Glass with this thing on my melon?

This is so flawed. According to some doctor (Dr. Geoffrey Mackellar, chief technical officer at Emotiv), knowing when someone’s actually paying attention is difficult, especially when driving.

We can’t read thoughts, but we can figure out to a fair approximation what’s going on in the brain, in general terms.


Yeah, that sounds fine. I wouldn't have any problem getting into a car if the driver said "I can't drive a car, but I can figure out to a fair approximation what's going on in the road, in general terms."



For some reason, the RAC also wants you win a drive in the thing. Give up on all your hopes and dreams by entering to win here.

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