I haven’t written it down anywhere, but there’s a bunch of vehicles that I’d like to own at least once before I die.

I’ve loved the Jeep Scrambler since I found out it existed. About 150 years ago in the early 80’s, my dad bought a brand new Jeep CJ-7. I don’t know if it’s the same for other enthusiasts, but I became more aware of makes and models when my parents owned one. I started to notice more and more Jeeps from that point on, but the Scrambler held my attention more than any of them. My high school had a yellow one with a white top as a maintenance vehicle. I feel like it’s the perfect vehicle for me: 4-wheel drive, straight-six, manual transmission, pickup truck, removable top. Sure, some have V8s and autos, but the configuration I want isn’t that hard to find. While I love the terrible colors they offered like this brown/yellow masterpiece, I kind of like them in black, too.

An interesting side note, if you want a modern Scrambler you can’t get one from the factory... but you can make one out of the 4-door Wrangler Unlimited. I’m not talking about the AEV Brute (which is cool, too, but not quite the same), but a kit that I believe is sold by Mopar.


This one was brand new, sitting on the lot of a Jeep dealer near me. It sat there for a long time, probably because they were asking $55k for it. Which is too much money, even if it was a stick.


But if I won the lottery, one of these would be parked in my driveway.