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Car Buying: 2017 Edition

I just bought a car, from start to finish the process took all of fifteen minutes.

No, I didn’t sell the Mustang. I’ve decided to add a minivan to fleet because my mobile detailing business has somewhat outgrown my ‘Stang and I enjoyed Ubering when I had a 4-door vehicle.


So, I just bought a 2015 Nissan Quest S. On Carvana; they offered a $1000 off any vehicle for Black Friday weekend.

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If all goes well, their underwriters will approve the deal tomorrow and I’ll be flying to Atlanta on Friday to pick it up (the flight is on them) and drive it home.

I didn’t have to deal with any crappy salesperson or sneaky tactics, I just put in my information, e-signed some documents and in the time it would take for a dealer to make a copy of my driver’s license I had virtually bought the vehicle.

Welcome to the future!

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