A while ago, I mentioned I was working on buying another vehicle. Said vehicle is like what you see above: a 1984 pickup 2wd, xtra cab longbed, manual, A/C, power steering, basically fully loaded.

I have found that the preliminary price is higher than I think I want to pay (though probably lower than it it’s worth). I was actually planning... many things but... short term, give it to my dad because he’s in desperate need of a little pickup for his property. Since it’s being sold to me by a fellow Toyota enthusiast and some other loose meaningless relation, I have no interest in lowballing him. But I’m not sure I want to walk away entirely.

It’s in great shape (surface rust on the bed — that’s why I planning on getting it for cheaper, and it is comparatively speaking). I think only 180k miles, which is nothing on these.

Now for some good news: my wife wants to finish her manual transmission training this year so she can use the pickup and pickup and get gravel, bark, soil, etc.


But you may recall I already own a pickup. It needs some TLC... lots of it. I’ve been driving as is because, hell, I got it for nothing and it does the job, and I love it. But basically every errand I run with it is one step closer to shelling out for a neglected repair. There are things on it I simply can’t (or won’t) do in my driveway. I’d have to take it in... Now, it could certainly last the summer! But I really don’t want to push it with how much I anticipate using it.


Now you’re probably suggesting, hey Zoidface: why not use money that you’d by the other pickup with and simply fix up the SR5 instead? I’m glad you asked. For one thing, I really did want to help out my parents and get them a little go-getter. I could even leave then the SR5 because my dad would use it maybe once a week if that, so they would not add nearly the wear I foresee myself doing. Also, I had this mild pipe dream for NEXT sumer: swapping the 22R out of the ‘84 into my SR5. And in the short-term, the ‘84 would simply be more livable for anyone wielding (my ‘80 is basically an SR5 with no options selected for some reason).

So as you can see I’m all over the map. I like the idea of a more livable pickup, but I don’t think I could ever part with my ‘80. But the ‘80 needs work. But another truck obviously costs money. But a 2nd gen loaded 2wd longbed is terribly uncommon. But— But— But—


So, at this point I’m running in circles. I just think in a perfect world, I would have the pickup for cheap, give it to the folks, collect it when they’re done with it, and gut it and make the ‘80 just a little more fun. Then again, how hard will it be to hook up that power steering... or the AC... Or, yeah, the whole “engine” thing. Could be a little over my head, but it sounds kind of fun to me.

I could sell the Celica... That’s not going to happen either. I need a vehicle that can carry more than two humans. Also, CELICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don’t know what I’ll do.