I have officially started looking for cars now in the $7k CAD range (except if it’s an E39 M5).

I would like to know what I need to look out for - common issues with the cars, major wear items, etc.


Also, any chance a fellow Oppo can help me get a CarProof?

In order of preference, I’m looking at these cars.

1. E39 540is and M5s

This one guy is selling his M5 for $15k CAD. I texted him when his ad was up. Now it’s gone. But the guy responded to my text yesterday and said it’s still available. This bad photo is all I could get of what used to be his ad.

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There are only like5 E39 M5s for sale in all of Canada right now and none of them are listed for less than $20k CAD. So I’m going to need pointers to check this out (and to check 540is too)


2. Second gen G37s (preferably manual) and IS250/350s.

3. Lexus IS 300.

Maybe I’ll just get something I’ve already driven that’s a bit cheaper (~ $5k) and splurge once I get a better job...

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