I was at lunch with a colleague and he brought up an amazing extension of my brilliant idea.

I enjoy elegant, simple, brilliant ideas.

You may have been following my not so coherent posts about car buying in the very near future for the missus. I suggested as an option to my colleague that I could buy a coupe for the missus and use the truck for family duties. By the time they outgrow the back seat, it will be time for a new car.

He suggested keeping the current Saab, doing minor fixes to keep it on the road, since the car isn’t really worth anything, and have three vehicles.


This opened up a world of possibilities as to replacement cars. Namely FRS/86/BRZ, Mustang, Corvettes, Cayman, S2000, Camaro, ....you get the idea, instead of getting something bigger and more family friendly.

What say you Oppo, three cars with dedicated functions or two with overlapping duties?

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