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Car Cazar: Have Fun, Kick Ass

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You all seemed to like the first installment of “Car Cazar” so I thought why not make another? Well it can’t hurt, right? Anyways onward to the challenge...

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There’s a man in his early twenties he’s just found out about the joy’s of Autocrossing from his friend. He doesn’t want to Autocross his daily driver 2003 Civic. He also wants something RWD or AWD anyway. He’s also just read “Power for Pennies: How To Score a 500HP LS Engine for FREE” and would like to attempt a LS swap. Despite being a overworked college student he’s manged to assemble 10 grand to do the swap. He would like a back seat for activities

The Rules

Here’s a set of rules to follow in case my writing was bad and nobody could comprehend that.


- Total Budget 10K

- Should have enough aftermarket support to preform a LS Swap

- Should be fun to drive

- Should be able to fit someone 6'4, backseat preferable

- Manual preferable but not required

- RWD or AWD

- You’ll need to find a parts car for the swap, so budget for that too

- Should be able to run in autocross, I’m not too familiar with the rules and regulations for autocross but keep in mind the whole reason for doing this was to have a fun, powerful car for Autocross


Get ready to scour your local classifieds and Have fun!

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