If you aren't familiar with Car and Classic, it's a British-based classic car listing site, sort of like a British Auto Trader Classic. Only it's better, because they have an enormous, colossal, gigantic variety of stuff, including some cars that are beyond expensive, and others that are insanely rare. From Group B rally cars to 50's prototypes, and from 30's concourse cars to future classics, everything is somewhere on here. They only have limited pictures, but they provide links to the dealer's sites, where more pics are available. I just wasted a considerable amount of my afternoon messing around on there, and even so I barely scratched the surface of what they have listed. So now I'm calling on you, Oppo, to see what the coolest stuff you can find is. Spread out, look all over the makes, conditions, prices, and decades, and show me, and your other fellow Opponaunts, all the awesomeness this site has to offer. I guarantee, you will get hooked. I'll kickstart this scavenger hunt with the first little gem I found:

1968 Fiat 595 Abarth