My wife and I were walking into Wegman’s on Saturday, and we both noticed another Sepang Blue car as we neared the front of the lot. Mrs. Tripper asked if it was the same as mine (it was an S4). I explained that it was not, but it’s an easy miss as all modern Audis look the same. On the way out she says, “Uh there’s some guy taking pictures of your car.” I said “Hah, I bet it’s the owner of that S4 we saw on the way in.” It was, he had parked up next to my car to take some pics. He was a little embarrassed that we caught him, but he introduced him self and was a really cool guy. Turns out he frequents the same cars n coffee as I do, knows the bimmershop where I take the M3, blah, blah, blah...


As we drove away my wife and I commented on how cars are such a “nerdy” hobby. She always sees it that way, but I never really think about it that way until we encounter another enthusiast. I said “I feel like cars are to me what football is to most dudes, but then I talk to another enthusiast and I realize that its more like Dungeons and Dragons.”


I guess I should have taken a pic of both cars too...

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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