Not only are dealerships shoveling the bullshit out to customers, but they are doing it with potential job applicants (if you hadn’t known this already). I found myself looking at dealerships jobs a few weeks ago and came across 3 strange jobs postings all with the same job title, but at 3 different dealerships: for a product specialist. Now this is something new to me, but from the job description you are basically paid an hourly wage to walk around and answer customer questions about the vehicles or any other information that they would want. So I applied to all 3.

The first to call me was a local Buick, Cadillac store who’s name I shall omit, along with the other dealerships. I got called in for an interview. Dealerships are some of the worse places to have an interview at. The sales managers are always “busy”, meaning your about to sit for 30 mins or more while hes in his office laughing it up with other douche bag salesmen, or appearing to look busy because he knows your waiting for him. So I waited the 30 mins or so and eventually met with the gm and another sales manager. The sales manager was nice, not very personal though. She explained to me more about the position. Basically, its how I described above. But they wanted it specifically for the customer experience. “We get really busy on the weekends”, she says “So this position would be to give the customer another person to talk to so they wont just be walking around with no one to answer questions and all other sales people are occupied”. $15 bucks an hour just to talk about cars? I’m in! Or so I thought

The gm was pretty nice and friendly, asked me a lot of personal questions, not to personal though. All the while though I kept getting the impression that I was being slowly pushed away from the position I had originally came in for, which was the product specialist. So at the conclusion of our talk, he said: “well you seem like a nice guy so here’s what I’m going to do”.

He handed me his business card and said follow me. We walked to the Cadillac side of the dealership and stopped beside a black ATS sitting on the showroom floor.”I want you to go to home and find out as much information as you can about this ATS, its competitors, features etc. Come back in two days and we’re going to do a walk around”. Puzzled, I was just like ok... and thanked him for his time, told him this should be easy seeing as cars are my life, and said see you Thursday.He had just basically told me that there was no product specialist position, and that he wanted to make me a salesmen. I figured this out on the other 2 interviews I had at the other dealerships, and here’s how I know.


For one the position itself doesn’t make much sense outside of General Motors corporate itself. I would be doing most of the work for the sales person, with out any commission bonus in the end. They explained none of this or how it would work with the sales process. This stuck out to me. Another thing that stuck out to me was the fact that a person going in for a product specialist position would be asked to come back to do a walk around vehicle presentation. That’s something a sales person would do. He could have just asked me random product questions right there as we were sitting talking. But he didn’t. Third thing was, well, I was told by the receptionist that the position didn’t really exist, and confirmed this with the two other dealers when I asked their GM’s directly.


So I went back and did the walk around poorly because I don’t like being mislead and I was already uninterested when I had got back two days later. The dealerships were just putting out job postings with fake hourly wages to get in more people to mislead them into applying for a sales person, which people don’t want to do work as I guess. But its stupid. The dealerships could have just been upfront so I could have just walked away. Instead they are just going to piss a lot of people off trying to get them to work commission for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.